Rob Dip

Tagged “xnix”

Rediscovering make: the power behind rules

An overview of GNU make rules: targets, prerequisites, special targets and more

Rediscovering make: automatic variables

An overview of GNU make automatic variables and helpers to make them easier to grasp

Memories of writing a parser for man pages

Details about the behind the scenes of man pages: groff, macros (mdoc & man) and more.

Processing JSON with jq

An example-driven overview of the jq command using NASA NeoWs API

Jumping directories with z

Navigating directories have never been easier with z, this post describes how to use it and how it works

Going over Git history with tig

An overview of tig, a text-based interface for Git

Fuzzy finding everything with fzf

An example-driven post featuring fzf, a flexible command-line fuzzy finder

Managing processes with htop

Brief, example-driven overview of htop, the program to visualize and manage system processes

Inspecting network usage with iftop

Brief, example-driven overview of iftop, the program to visualize packets in your network

Comparing files line by line with diff

Explaining the diff command line tool, one line at the time

Scheduling jobs with launchd and friends

Quick and dirty guide to scheduling and debugging jobs in macOS with launchd and utilities that interface with launchd.