November 4, 2020

After almost 4 years, I resigned from my job at Haiku to start a 6-month sabbatical.

Unlike the more technical-oriented content that I usually post, this is a personal update (which makes it very hard to write).

I want to convey with words what I'm feeling, what are my reasons for taking this decision, and what are the plans for the future, primarily to keep me accountable. I promise more technical content coming soon!


Life at a startup is exciting and hard, especially in small teams. You get to wear a lot of hats, try different technologies, learn new things, and more importantly you have to work as a team to accomplish goals.

You also have the "thrill of the fight", building things is fun and giving everything you have to make things work is a marvelous energy booster.

All of this comes with a tax: family time, personal projects, and hobbies usually pay the cost, and you can't escape the taxman.

Particularly, the breaking point came because of a small set of problems:

The future

The whole reason to take a sabbatical is to fix these problems, recharge batteries, and get back to doing what I love: solving problems with software.

For this, I have set three (ambitious) main goals, along with three rules.


  1. I have a list of critical house repairs in order of priority. Fix all of them.
  2. Go through the first 4 subjects of knowledge listed at
  3. Find projects, games, outdoor activities, or whatever to spend more time with my family.